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Maximize Your Results With Customized Nutrition Coaching

No two humans are the same. The body is always evolving and deserves a nutrition program that does as such.

This is why at Aggressive, we believe that nutrition should be tailored to consider individuality. Trending diets and one size fits all plans chosen at random will provide just that: random results.

Whether your goal is weight management, health, performance, or longevity, we will guide you in the process of learning how to fuel your body appropriately for success.

“Think about it. You wouldn't put low quality gas into a Ferrari, would you? Just the same. Your body will only run as good as the fuel you put into it."

Coach Lyon (see bio)

What’s Included?

Intake Form and Food Log Analysis - First, we need to get to know you. Health history, food aversions, what has been successful in the past, where have you failed, what are you currently doing, and where do you want to go are some of the things we need to understand prior to working on a nutrition plan.

Macro Nutrient Recommendations - Caloric intake is very important, but macro nutrient ratios and timing are the real difference makers.

Ideal Nutrient Spreadsheet – Tailor made for every client and presented with great detail to ensure understanding

Nutrition & Lifestyle Check-ins:

- 45-60 call or in person meeting every week for the first 4 weeks
- 45-60 call or in person meeting every 2 weeks and 2 email check-ins in the weeks in between for the following 8 weeks

Monthly In-Body Scan - (In house at Aggressive Fitness) To monitor progress with actual measurements.

Day to Day Support - unlimited electronic support via text or email. We are here for you!

Keep it Fresh - Weekly recipe, training & lifestyle tips to ensure that you always have something new to learn in support your healthy lifestyle. Will be sent via email as part of our “Monday Motivation” Program

Get Started Today With The Best Nutrition Coaching In San Juan!

Don't miss out on your chance to see real results and sustain them for weeks and months and years to come. Our Nutrition Coaching here at Aggressive Fitness is setting you up for success from day one.

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