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Measure Your Succes With Precision Using Our Brand New InBody Scanner!

Drop the guesswork and measure your success with certainty using our InBody Scanner at Aggressive Fitness in San Juan. The InBody570 tests your body composition and provides you with a comprehensive analysis of your overall health. 

This state-of-the-art technology allows us to track individual body fat, muscle mass, and the total amount of body water you hold. Get started today and streamline your results like never before!

What Makes The InBody Scanner So Effective?

Too often, we rely on measurements like BMI and Body Weight to tell us how well our training has gone. But both can be misleading health indicators and poor measurements of your true success.

Instead, the InBody allows you to understand with exact accuracy the makeup of your body and where you can improve. The InBody also enables our staff at Aggressive Fitness to customize a program of diet, exercise, and lifestyle choices that work specifically for you! 

Ditch the scale and take control of your gains. The InBody at Aggressive Fitness offer you: 

  • Comprehensive diagnosis data to monitor your health
  • Accurate measurements of your body fat (subcutaneous and visceral) and lean muscle mass
  • Separate measurements of your trunk, arms, and legs to find body fat, muscle mass, water distribution, and muscular development
  • A complete understanding of how diet, exercise and lifestyle choices influence your body composition and overall fitness level through the test results
  • Tools for you to set fitness goals and understand what does and doesn’t work for you
  • Full printed results and analysis report in just minutes

The InBody Also Features Technology That Can't Be Beat

No other system can offer you such a comprehensive analysis of your health and fitness levels. The InBody Scan relies on the world's best technology and constant upgrade opportunities to offer you test results and evaluations that are easy to understand.

PLUS, the InBody will store your previous results to measure your success over time. In no time, you'll have an exact roadmap to long-lasting results. 

Take Advantage Of The InBody Scan In San Juan Today!

We're proud to offer everyone at Aggressive Fitness and across San Juan access to this cutting-edge system. Come see us today and join one of our coaches who will be happy to run a scan and review the results with you. We'll make recommendations as to what type of fitness program you should be considering and help you get there in no time!

For pricing and to schedule your appointment, just fill out the short form on your screen now! 


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