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Q. Exactly what is Aggressive about, and how is it different to other fitness programs?

A. Simply put, we are a strength and conditioning gym. Our systems pulls from all types of philosophies and methods, even creating our own to provide fitness gains. We realize that every individual has different capabilities, goals, and interest. Whether it be training for CrossFit or any other sport, weight loss, physique, overall fitness, or just to stay active, we can accommodate virtually any client’s needs.

Q. How experienced must I be to begin Aggressive’s program?

A. Our coaches are well equipped to modify or substitute movements according to every person’s ability. Of course, in our Individualized Training program workouts are tailored WEEKLY to every individual so that we ensure not only that he is capable of the task at hand, but that it progresses with him in order to continuously stimulate adaption.

Q. I am completely new to weightlifting, is your program right for me?

A. All of our group training athletes are automatically placed in our introductory program, Aggressive 101. During this period you will work individually with one of our coaches who will assess and design appropriate workouts to ensure you start off on the right foot. For individualized plans we implement very thorough assessment protocols so that we’re certain of the person’s ability to execute the workouts designed by our coaches. Personal training is also available.

Q. How long is each session?

A. Group training sessions may vary day to day, but, they usually have a 60-minute duration. This includes warm up, strength, and metabolic conditioning. Individualized training plans are adjusted according to each person’s availability.

Q. How many training days are recommended per week?

A. That will depend on the individual’s current level and his/her expectations. We have people that work out twice a week, others that come in 6 days a week. Our trainers can help determine what will work based on your goals.

Q. The only time I’m available to train is early in the morning, before work. Is your facility equipped with showers?

A. Yes! There’s 2 showers for men and 2 showers for women. Training early and heading straight to work is not a problem.

Q. Is there parking available?

A. Yes! We have parking lot adjacent to our building on Rosales Street. There is also availability in the street perimeter.

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