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  • How do we stay accountable?

    How do we stay accountable?

    Good afternoon and happy Monday friends! Jumping right in! How do we stay accountable?
    As most of you know, mastering some form of accountability will help to stay on top of ou priorities, help you in reaching your goals and truly make you place VALUE
    in your own word. Think about all of the times you’ve made a decision, a choice or even a promise to yourself. Maybe you’ve decided to take the stairs up to your office all week or to get to the gym on Monday morning. How many times have you gotten to the point of implementing the new habit or behavior change, and simply thought, “eh, not today”. It is that situation where we may lack accountability, not ....

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  • Motivational Monday's (12/16/19) Topic: GOALS

    Motivational Monday's (12/16/19) Topic: GOALS

    Good morning all, Are we ready to end the 2010's with a bang!? Let us talk today about keeping our "GOALS", mind and body front and center while traveling. Whether that be while traveling over the holidays or vacations planned at any point during the year! How in the world do we explore, travel AND stay on track with our fitness and nutrition goals that we have set for ourselves while we are out of our usual day to day routines i.e. comfort zones?! Simply put, it is not easy but can be very worth it depending on what is truly most important to you! Only you can decide how dialed in you want to be while you travel. It really is up to you. You and only you have control over what goes ....

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  • Motivational Monday's (11/25/19) Recipe: Oven Baked Breakfast Frittata

    Motivational Monday's (11/25/19) Recipe: Oven Baked Breakfast Frittata

    HappyMondayand ALMOST, Thanksgiving! Believe it or not I am absolutely NOT going to go on a giant rant today about over indulgences during the holiday season. More than once and twice I have spoken to ALL of you about the importance of balance and moderation in all things in life, not just macro and micro nutrients. As we all should know, the holiday season is more than about fancy food and drink. When we really come to realize that, we tend to focus LESS on those things and MORE on spending the MUCH needed time with friends and family to relax and unwind from the usual craziness that is, LIFE! Look I still would like all of you to eat, drink & be merry! <3 Just be ....

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  • Motivational Monday's (11/18/19) Recipe: Deliciously simple crock pot

    Motivational Monday's (11/18/19) Recipe: Deliciously simple crock pot

    Happy Monday ladies and gents! I hope everyone had a lovely weekend! With the Fall season in full swing I want to share a deliciously simple crock pot recipe I made last night! This chicken chili made me feel so warm and cozy. Its filling, very nutrient dense, & makes that "food prep" I preach for success SO so easy! If you do not have a crockpot or slow cooker... GO GET ONE! I promise you it will make your life so much easier. I know a lot of us struggle with cooking in bulk and trying to divide it out (either to make it last over the week OR to add it to myfitnesspal for accuracy's sake) so I am sharing an example of how I did this yesterday. Adding a "Recipe" to ....

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  • Motivational Monday's (11/11/19) Topic: Balance in our body

    Motivational Monday's (11/11/19) Topic: Balance in our body

    Good morning and happy Veterans Day all! We all know that our diet/nutrition plays a vital role in a healthy body. Point blank, it is the initial reason that most people come to me looking to achieve their goals, whatever they may look like! Aesthetic, athletic or both! HOWEVER, we so so SO often forget, overlook or are simply naïve to how critical the role that different types of stressors play, in providing the much needed “balance” or a happy level of "homeostasis" within one’s body. In other words; How does “physical, chemical, and emotional” stress affect my body and keep me from getting to my desired physique and/or performance goals? And how can ....

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  • Thoughts on new Netflix Documentary, “The Game Changers” – by Henry Toraño

    Thoughts on new Netflix Documentary, “The Game Changers” – by Henry Toraño

    “The Game Changers” has spiked quite a bit of interest lately on the possibility of adopting a plant based diet. As many of you know, I have vehemently opposed this idea. I’ve read a good number of books, looked at studies, talked to fitness professionals, and consulted with functional doctors surrounding the idea and EVERY TIME it’s the same consensus: Humans need ample quantities and variety of vegetables as well as good quality animal protein sources to support performance and optimal health (they’re not the same, but in this case, the same applies to both). This documentary is no different. Here’s a couple points to consider: 1. James Wilkes ....

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  • Motivational Monday's (10/21/19) Topic: HYDRATION

    Motivational Monday's (10/21/19) Topic: HYDRATION

    Happy Monday beautiful people, HYDRATION. Yep, like I haven’t run over this dead horse 80 times in the past with each one of you already. We are going to run over it, yet again. Just in case… SO. Just because it’s getting cooler and we may not be sweating as much while we’re outside, doesn’t mean we can’t get dehydrated in the fall/winter seasons too! Beginning stages of dehydration can make you feel a little lethargic, may cause headaches, cause a feeling of “hunger” yet it’s thirst, dry skin, chapped lips, and constipation. Water plays a role in metabolism, cellular membrane function, regulating our body temperature (sweating ....

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  • Motivational Monday's (10/14/19) Topic: "dieting”

    Motivational Monday's (10/14/19) Topic: "dieting”

    Happy Monday my lovely people! Get ready for a tangent ya’ll! Just wait, it will be worth it, I promise. :) Most of you think I hate the word “diet”. Not true. I do not encourage using the phrase “dieting” or “going on a diet”. Why? Because it simply implies that you are going to start something and then stop….do we see the problem here? Not only do most people go into “dieting” with a head space full of self-hate and ridicule (which is a whole another important subject on its own) but even further, most of us go into a very ill balanced, unsustainable way of approaching a new “diet” or way of feeding our ....

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  • Motivational Monday's (9/23/19) Topic: Time Management

    Motivational Monday's (9/23/19) Topic: Time Management

    Hellloooo and happy Mondayto you! I have a question for everyone today… Take a minute to think about your answer before continuing to read this (maybe writing down an idea or two). How do you use your “time management skills” to help you lead a healthy lifestyle?

    When most of us think about health, we often think of the facts
    — what vitamins do I need? How much protein should I be eating? For most questions of this nature, we can simply research the answers or seek out individual advice from a professional (aka ME). BUT what happens once YOU have the facts? For most, putting these facts into practice is undoubtedly the hardest part. I have ....

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